How to remove the Fluoride taste from tap water?
People frequently ask how to remove the chlorine or fluoride taste from city tap water. An inexpensive option to complex and costly filtration systems is to aerate your water with a Gurgle Pot.

Gurgle pots expose your water to surface air and increased air exposure from the bubbling, gurgle affect when pouring water.

Aerating your water does have the added benefit of helping to dissipate Chlorine from municipal treatment much quicker than just letting the water sit out.

Chlorine is a disinfectant which is added to tap water in the United States. Chlorine can leave organic material like trihalomethanes and haloacetic acids in the water.

Gurgle Pots
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The Gurgle pitcher is more than just a beverage pitcher.  It produces a delightful "gurgling" sound as trapped air is released from the tail after pouring which helps aerate the water to improve its flavor.

​When you tip their stoneware bodies, they make a glug, glug, glug sound just like a gurgling fish. They are the inspired creation of Matt Ellison, who during a wedding celebration in a small village in Southern France found these fish-shaped water pitchers to be his saving grace. Speaking no French, he ended up drinking more water than wine so that he could fill the silent room with "gurgling" and unite the table with smiles.

Designed with simple graceful lines and crafted of durable stoneware.  Perfectly versatile for fresh cut flowers. Great for Hostess or Wedding Gifts.
Salt & Pepper sets

    ​9.5”H, 4”W, 6.75”L
    Dishwasher safe​
3.75”H, 1.5”W, 2.75”L
    Dishwasher safe​
6.5”H, 2.5”W, 4.5”L
    Dishwasher safe​
42oz Pitcher
12oz Creamer/Vase
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